Sunday, March 28, 2010

Not so swift

Virginia has a new commissioner for the Department of Veteran Services
You can describe Paul Galanti as:
  • A VietNam War POW for seven years or
  • A member of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group in 2004
Chris Graham decided to highlight the Swift Boat angle. And sparked quite an interesting comment war. Through 30 comments, I think the veterans have outgunned the John Kerry/Swift Boat bashers.
You can check for yourselves. Since in an issue like this, there's little convincing and much stating your solid position.
Besides, time moves on. If John Kerry had won in 2004, we would have had John Edwards as Vice President. And Barack Obama would not be president now.
Democrats ought to be thanking their lucky stars for the Swift Boat crew.

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Star Womanspirit said...

Disinformation and propaganda is never a cause for celebration in a matter who does it.

Serving one's country does not mean that you earn a free pass to be excused for inexcusable behavior.