Sunday, March 21, 2010

Find Me Jim's Roundup Anxiety

It's been an anxious week, with what's going on in Washington.
Try not to be anxious. It's Sunday and time for another roundup.
Carol's "sweater puppy" contest ought to help ease your mind. Or the collected roundup of the week.
While Smitty was out hitting the streets, the Other McCain collects links to the Code Red rally coverage.
Daley Gator features cold beer and hot blogs.
Fuzzy Logic joins the FMJRA fun.
GrandpaJohn reports on the antics aboard Air Force One.
Troglopundit celebrates a national championship.
Jamie Jeffords tries to make sense of the whole health care thing.
Mindnumbed Robot features a Looney Goon.
Adrienne has a good idea for St. Patrick's Day.
Carl went looking for a friend.
This week, Don Surber hosted visitor number 6,666,666.
Little Miss Atilla remembers the Rockford Files. Now I have the theme song playing in my head.
Paco lists the sad legacy of Barack Obama so far.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Read something important, enjoy the outdoors and listen to radio announcers.

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robot said...

Wow, sorry I missed this. Thanks for the link!