Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hole in the Landon argument

Alf Landon's been getting some publicity this weekend - for his losing bid against FDR when he vowed to repeal Social Security.
What's the hole in the argument? When did the government first start collecting Social Security taxes to pay for the program? 1937. A few months after Landon lost the election.
The program was still pretty much a theory on Election Day.
Any health care reform passed includes tax hike starting before November's election. If individuals don't see them in their paychecks, then they'll see the trickle down from added business taxes. Or added federal debt as Democrats try to push the cost down the road. The cost and the debt fuel the opposition.
The benefits those for the bill or neutral trickle out until 2014.
You have the 2010 and 2012 elections before the program kicks into gear. Whatever benefits Democrats think will change minds, they will outweigh the bad changes in the near future.

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