Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obamacare and NFL, NBA

With Obamacare passed, will it impact other areas of our lives? How about professional sports?
Both the NFL and NBA labor agreements expire in the summer of 2011.
Both sports pit rich guys vs. rich guys. Owners vs. players.
The owners have seen their prospects slow with the economy. The owners want to cut their costs and rein in player salaries.
Of course, players don't want restrictions on their potential salaries.
Add to the usual owner-player strife the added taxes on rich players and owners. How much will taxes increase on a $10 million salary? The players won't want additional cuts after playing those taxes.
How much will owner's taxes go up, either on the team or the business they ran to become an owner?
I expect some trickle down trouble into the sports world. As the deadline looms, keep the Obamacare taxes in mind.

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