Monday, March 15, 2010

Statement from Dora the Explorer

Yes, I watched plenty of Nick Jr. with my oldest when he was 2 and 3. So I watched Blues Clues, and remember the debut of Dora the Explorer in 2000. So Dora provided me with this statement.

Hola, I did not approve of appearing with Rielle Hunter in the GQ photo shoot. But I will re-enact Rielle and John Edwards were discovered with the enclosed photo.
John and Rielle were walking hand-in-hand in the park. The National Enquirer was hiding behind the tree behind them. John and Rielle shouted "Enquirer, no enquiring." But it didn't work. The Enquirer enquired.
As a role model for young girls, I say follow the map. Listen to your parents and grandparents.


Steve Burri said...

Great catch!

With my 2 older grandbabies I always played the part of Swiper! And if I allow them to make it into their teens, then they will say, "No enquiring!"

Unknown said...