Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bulge or the Bunker

The Other McCain takes issue with Powerline's thought of Saturday - the protests won't stop the Obama administration and Democrats from pushing this health care reform through.
The Democrats want to push the bill through because they have no other choice. The demographics and fiscal outlook will never allow this to go through in the future. Even though they are losing the battle, it's their last chance.
They are like the Nazis in the death throes of World War II. It's just hard to tell where they are on the Normandy to Berlin timeline today.
Are we in December, where the Battle of the Bulge could stop the Allies' advance and maybe allow them to salvage some kind of peace?
Or are we in April in the Bunker? Hope is lost, there's no chance of winning but you just keep fighting. Because fighting is what you do. It's all you know to do.
I think they're in the bunker, when you can't tell what crazy trick they'll try to pull to stem the momentum. We can't assume they will reasonably look at their situation. So be wary.

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