Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Winnie, but Grizzly

Jonah Goldberg liked this column by Peter Beinart, so I figured I should read it.
Lots of talk about bears, and whether Democrats are going to be in the woods very soon.
By the late 1990s, “don’t scare the bear” Democrats pretty much dominated Washington. But in the Bush years, a new faction began to emerge. These Democrats were mostly newer to politics. They had never seen a McGovern or Mondale mauled for being too far to the left. What they had seen was the post-1994 Bill Clinton, who shied away from ambitious liberal reform. And they had seen the Iraq War, which DLC types largely supported, partly out of fear that opposing it would allow Republicans to paint Democrats as soft on defense.
So is the bear cuddly like Winnie, or ready to maul you? Looks like Democrats are going to find out the hard way. Again.
After this talk about bears, why not find the Bear ad from the 1984 Reagan re-election campaign.

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