Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clean those sidewalks. Buy health insurance

NBC29 in Charlottesville ran a story Wednesday about enforcement of the clean sidewalks law.
Chris Graham of the Augusta Free Press seemed to be the inspiration, wondering why private citizens had to do work on public property or be fined if they didn't.
And on Capitol Hill, we have Republicans wondering how government can force people to buy health insurance or be fined if they don't.
Government has its job to do. If it can't do the job, can it admit it? Or blame the citizens instead? Obviously, an historic snowfall makes cleaning the streets and sidewalks harder jobs for government and citizens alike.
We're in a health care bind because government has promised more in the future than it can deliver. It would be easier to admit that than to change the entire system, and still promise more than it can deliver.
And the health care problem won't melt away.


Hemant Mahajan said...

I think people should be covered by health insurance with the awareness not by forcing people. Government should follow some steps to encourage people to get insured.

confined space rescue training said...

absolutely correct cishemant its is very important to have a health insurance plan for individual as well as for family too.