Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mario mania

Yankee Phil notes a 911 call from Boston - my kid won't stop playing video games.
And remembers an out-of-control seven-year-old who won't turn off the TV.
Then again, video games have helped my two boys survive 24 inches of snow and four days at home.

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Unknown said...

It was quite humorous. A woman met our police car on the street. And was all excited. "My son won't listen. He is out of control. He hits me" She had a little boy with her. She was holding his hand. I got out of the car and said "Let's go up and talk to him" She said,"Up? He is right here?" And I looked at little boy and got very mad at the woman. I didnt think it was the job of the police to raise her kids. Maybe I am crazy and it is the government's job. Afterall, It Takes A Village.