Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You don't want to go there

Blue Virginia highlights a litany of complaints at how Republicans are reacting to the attempted terrorist event Christmas Day.
Democrats would be wise to step away from that line. It will only make things worse for them.
First, President Obama is nothing special. He's in office and things haven't really changed. Terrorists still want to kill Americans. Hope and change didn't change things that really mattered.
And, it looks like two of the plotters were Gitmo prisoners released in 2007, during George W. Bush's term. This makes which side look bad?
The American people know Republicans would be happy to see prisoners brought to Gitmo still rotting there 100 years after their arrival. That's what Democrats have been saying for several years.
The American people know what side would like to close Gitmo. Democrats got their wish with those two guys, and look what happened.
Sure, it's easy to whine at the other side and what they're doing. You'll be out of power soon enough.

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