Friday, December 18, 2009

For your snow news

The Charlottesville Daily Progress is allowing open access to its E-Edition during the weekend snowstorm. So you can see the hard work of reporters and copy editors who plowed through the snow to get to work.
And the ads for sales that will be postponed.
During the blizzard of 1993 in Bluefield, WV, I was the lone member of the sports staff to make it to work. But we didn't put out a paper that Saturday night - the West Virginia governor ordered all traffic off the roads.
Fortunately, I lived in an apartment less than a mile from the office, so I walked home and returned Sunday morning after the storm ended.
We put out the Sunday morning paper about noon on Sunday, and the Monday paper on regular schedule. I even helped load some papers into vans to regular readers and those stranded in the area when I-77 closed.
This time, I'm warm and at home. Watching the hard work on TV, computers and newspaper websites.

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