Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fishersville Mike's Jersey Ripped Asunder

I'm supposed to be traveling for Christmas. Instead I'm snowed in.
But the boys have a new video game, so I can put together my weekly roundup.
Make sure to check out the Carnival of Christmas at, posting by Christmas Eve. But I'm sure Kat won't mind the hits if you check before then to see if it's ready to enjoy.
Visit the Other McCain because he's got six kids, and now a future son-in-law. Don't forget Smitty's roundup.
Wyblog does his roundup Thursday. Blogging may be light this week since many members of the "Littlest Pet Shop" have arrived at his house.
Carol's roundup fills you with Christmas spirit.
Pat finished her roundup in time to watch the Saints play.
Daley Gator hopes for a new computer for Christmas.
Now at the Podium anxiously awaits a Hitman.
Naked Villiany plans to continue avoiding the Noid.
Obi's Sister has plenty of Santas for the holidays.
Pundette found her Christmas music, along with some pretty snow.
GrandpaJohn has the latest news on Tiger Woods endorsements.
Troglopundit remembers the Boston Tea Party.
Legal Insurrection is headed for a weekend in New England.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Fire up the laptop, finish up the cookies, let your voice be heard and start spreading the news.

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