Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pat deserves better than this

Pat in Shreveport sure would like to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra when it's in town in February.
But the tickets are pricey. What to do?
1. Ask for a subsidy, like in the health care bill?
2. Get Sen. Mary Landrieu to give her two tickets?
3. Sell her votes in the upcoming Weblog Awards?
4. Rattle the tip jar?
Stacy McCain approves of that approach. Because we don't want Pat to have to settle for this.


Pat Austin Becker said...

Love it!

But you know, if Mary Landrieu bought my ticket, I might send it back. Bleh.

I'd rather see singing chickens!

Red said...

Send ME-ry Landrieu to see the singing chickens. Pat deserves to go!