Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fishersville Mike Joins Robust Allies

Only 12 blogging days until Christmas. Does linking someone else's blog count as a Christmas present?
Let's check on my friends around the blogosphere.
There's a football game coming up in Pasadena. The Other McCain would like to be there, while Smitty works hard on the FMJRA roundup.
Carol's sheep comes out of the clock for her roundup.
Pat's roundup is done; now it's time to shop.
Wyblog doesn't just want views of his roundup, but comments also.
Snapped Shots needs to dump the tabs to get some work done.
Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Pundette and Another Black Conservative have the video of the year.
Don Surber has the new hottest holiday album.
Citizen Tom does not like a fat and happy dragon.
Troglopundit highlights the eighth annual Right Wing News Conservative blogs awards.
GrandpaJohn's has snow.
Ed Driscoll looks at the demise of Editor & Publisher.
American Power has the latest cut to Tiger Woods' income.
Ruby Slippers has the latest from Al Gore's Current TV.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Check out the animals, hang out with your friends or make some cookies.


Jason Bibeau said...

And AugustaWaterCooler just got a new laptop and should be back in saddle very soon.

Citizen Tom said...

I will take what I can get. ;-)

Merry Christmas!