Thursday, April 2, 2009

My favorite Frederick fracas post

Bearing Drift posted Wednesday an email by Jeff Frederick from last fall when he went overseas. The best part -

Don’t volunteer to people that I’m gone — just make like everything is normal, and as always, tell folks that I respond quicker over email.
I don’t think many people will know I’m taking this trip...

Now, you're a state legislator, going with other legislators. People will know. It's not CIA agents we're talking about.
To me, it doesn't matter that the head of the Republican Party is out of country a few weeks before the election. But not thinking it would look bad to be gone if the party lost seats, that's bad.
It reminds me of my time in South Carolina in the mid 80s. The local high school hired a new football coach, and the first season he went 0-10. During the offseason, he was pulled over for DUI. He might have kept the job if the news of that had been kept quiet, but word gets around in a small town.
He lost the job, and two years later the replacement coach had the school in the playoffs. And the replacement coach's slogan was "0-10, never again."

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