Thursday, April 2, 2009

New guy's view of Frederick fracas

As a new blogger, I wasn't involved when Jeff Frederick became chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. But reading the posts from both sides, it seems we're talking past each other.
Those who support Frederick focus on the grassroots vs. establishment battle. Frederick represents them, the grassroots, and the establishment is trying to take that away. They think the establishment shouldn't be bringing this fight, and whatever the problems, they don't rise to the level of removal.
Those who support Frederick's foes bring up specific problems that have they've seen happen during his tenure. It's basically that he's not up to the job.
Both sides want to win, both now and in November. It's no fun being a loser. I doubt those who will vote to remove Frederick take this task lightly.
Whatever the vote, look at the opponent's side without emotion. They might have a good point.

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