Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fishersville Mike Judges Routine Applicants

Hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep - an extra hour to prepare this week's roundup.
There was plenty of time to pick a post from Troglopundit. He went on vacation, leaving friends in charge. His friends definitely need a nanny.
The Other McCain spent plenty of time near Lake Placid. Last week he took a book in Watertown, this week he hit a deer. This election needs to end soon, for his sake.
Pat reports on what happens when a tornado goes through Shreveport. And got her roundup done after beating some computer trouble.
Carol has a Spooktacular roundup.
Classic Liberal offers some interweb randomness.
Reaganite Republican Resistance surfs the blogosphere.
Another Black Conservative fights through the Technorati changes to get his roundup done.
Ruby Slippers counts the new taxes in the health care bill.
The Blog Prof overwhelms Smitty with daily roundups.
Dustbury's thinking about fried foods.
Grandpa John is not excited about TV.
The Daley Gator enjoyed Saturday's game in Jacksonville.
Pundette shows what the well dressed dogs were wearing for Halloween.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Invite a few friends to breakfast and link your friends' blogs. Enjoy your Thyme on the Journey.

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