Monday, February 8, 2010

Cap and trade - Dead and buried

If Cap and Trade legislation still have the slimmest chance of passing, it's buried under the snow in Washington, D.C.
The visuals for commercials against the legislation are easy to see.
The snowball fight at DuPont Circle.
Snow covered major highways.
President Obama saying "Snowmaggedon."
The tree limb falling on the motorcade, cracking under the weight of snow.
A list of biggest snows in Washington recorded history, with two of the top eight this year. Unless Tuesday's coming storm makes the top 10 also.
Doesn't look good, as NRO's Campaign Spot says - When schools like Loudoun are announcing they'll still be closed four days from now, everybody's got less time to worry about how warm we'll be a hundred years from now.

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Citizen Tom said...

How strangely the Lord chooses to answer our prayers! One might be tempted to think He has a sense of humor.