Monday, February 15, 2010

Is Palin perfect for hyper-partisan times?

Evan Bayh blames the partisan atmosphere for his decision to leave the Senate.
Progressives blame President Obama's overtures to Republicans with slowing his agenda. The attempts at bi-partisanship came up empty in their view.
What might work best in a world of hyper-partisans? Would it be to be hyper-partisan as a leader?
If so, then Sarah Palin would be perfect for this time.
Partisans on her side love her. The other side despises her. No need to attempt bi-partisanship; it won't work.
Palin may not call herself hyper-partisan, and could point to her pre-2008 work in Alaska. I doubt that would change the minds of those who dislike her now.
If we can't work together, one side's going to pull things their way. And the momentum is going to Palin's side.

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