Monday, February 15, 2010

580 days of labor negotiation ahead

Peter King's post-Super Bowl column gives the countdown to Opening Night 2011 - if there is one.
As of this morning, we're 580 days away from Opening Day 2011 -- the first day there will be no football if the owners lock out the players. There are going to be 580 twists and turns of the story between now and then. Still, I believe there will be a work stoppage in 2011. The fact is, owners want players to bear some burden for the costs of all the stadiums that have been built in recent years, and players don't want to pay for something they've never paid for before. That's the elephant in the negotiating room right now, and no one's budging.
I agree there will be labor trouble in the NFL and NBA when the current contract ends. It's just like the gridlock in D.C. Both sides are set in their ways and don't trust the other side.
We'll see which group gets smart first. Or which gets hurt the most and the others learn.

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