Monday, February 15, 2010

Fighting the Blue Beast

NRO's Campaign Spot has an interesting post about the challenges President Obama faces not being the ones he wants to face.
Almost every industry and sector of society has been going through wrenching changes in the past two years, and sometimes for quite a few years before that: print media, the television networks, the auto industry, the music industry, publishing, both residential and commercial real estate, the energy sector, etc. And yet there’s one area where it’s been business as usual, or perhaps even a time of growth and expansion. As Rich notes, “It used to be said that the Great Depression wasn’t so bad, if you had a job. The Great Recession has practically been a boom, if you have a government job.”
It’s not sustainable. Of course, as I said earlier this month, “unsustainable is the new normal.” We’re having a reckoning, but President Obama isn’t all that interested in it; he wants to believe that a full, thriving economic recovery, along with rejuvenated tax revenues, is just around the corner.

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