Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Generation We or Generation Wii?

Glenn Beck began Wednesday program with information on Generation We.
By claiming youth covering 22 years (1978-2000), they are able to have a bigger population than the Baby Boom Generation (18 years from 1946-64).
Is this age group more progressive, or more into video games? I'd side with the video games. And they will want lower taxes to buy the newest game systems and games.


Cargosquid said...


I refuse to be a Baby Boomer just because I was born in 1962.

If you want to define Baby Boomers by mindset, I would define Boomers as all that came of age by 1975.

Anonymous said...

My generation... worries me. They never cared about politics until "yes we can". Elementary through high school in the 90's/early 00's was based around making people feel bad for being white and having environmental impact. It's a lot of brainwashing and it's hard to overcome. Fortunately, minus the die-hard Young Democrats, I've been able to "convert" a good number of them to libertarian thinking with some common sense and a few pointed questions. The damage is already done, elections-wise re: Obama, but perhaps if the RNC pays attention to the number of people my age (I'm 23) that are more and more interested in politics, they could scoop up some of those votes for the coming Congressionals.

Bill Dolack said...

Sure, they'll want lower taxes... for themselves. But they'll also be howling for Big Brother to take "its fair share" from those nasty rich people.