Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow plus 21 days

The backyard has been covered by snow for 21 days, since Jan. 29. Foot's Forecast in Maryland is tracking a pair of storms for next week, Sunday-Monday and Thursday-Saturday.
Foot's Forecast has even caught the notice of Bill Gates - not the Microsoft computer guy, but a reporter for the Dundalk Eagle and sports editor of the Towson State University paper during my tenure on the news side.


The Maximum Leader said...

My yard is completely covered (except for the places I've dug out) too. It is my roof that is interesting me. I still have a foot to 14 inches of snow on the roof. No melting is visible (except near the chimney). I worked with an architect friend to figure the load on the roof to make sure I don't need to knock snow off myself. (I don't.) But I'm thinking my insulation must be pretty damned good compared to others. About 40% of the rooves in the neighborhood have no snow or ice at all. Another 50% have lost a significant amount. But mine and a few others don't seem to have changed much.

Lynn R. Mitchell said...

Mike, your yard is pretty with all that snow.