Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coal comfort

Rep. Nick Joe Rahall has been in Congress since 1977. But this year he's got a Republican challenger. So you get this kind of headline in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph: Rahall to EPA - Get your act together.
“The EPA needs to tell the industry not only what they cannot do, which they’re good at, but what they can do in order to get a permit approved. And the EPA needs to get their act together."
Coal mining is very important in Rahall's southern West Virginia district. He tells how he's protected coal interests from government interests - which are mainly Democratic core interests.
Rahall's Democratic friends in Washington are going to keep him on the spot this entire campaign season.

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Toolbox said...

What Rahall does not understand is that the EPA does have its act together. They are trying to shut down the coal industry by not allowing any permits to be issued, and it is working. The problems will come when the lights start going out.