Sunday, February 21, 2010

Party of No vs. Mr. No

So Arnold Schwarzenegger called Republicans the "Party of No." In a few more months, we will be hearing no more from Mr. Schwarzenegger.
Instead, we'll still have President Obama. Michael Barone's column inspires Jennifer Rubin to see President Obama as Mr. No - No Intuition, No Judgment.
Put slightly differently, Obama lacks judgment. We were told during the campaign that he had loads of judgment, and it would offset his experience gap. But alas, he lacked the judgment to assess nearly every critical issue he faced — the Iranian nuclear threat, the Middle East “peace process,” health-care reform, and his entire domestic agenda. He might lack intuition – the ability to foresee how events will unfold – but more critically, he also lacks the ability to assess events once they do unfold.
There's the "no" of a stubborn two-year-old and the "no" of a protective parent. Big difference.

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