Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fishersville Mike Junks Reprogrammed Androids

Will the United States ice hockey team win the gold today? While waiting, check out these golden links.
Smitty at the Other McCain clears out the leftovers from CPAC weekend.
Carol keeps up the Olympic theme with her roundup.
Ruby Slippers checks out the action at "Weekend at Barry's."
Wyblog has a big roundup.
Daley Gator stitches together links about the health care summit.
Pat shells out her weekly roundup.
Troglopundit picks the best motivational posters.
Grandpa John picks up on a security threat.
Another Black Conservative spills the beans on the Coffee Party.
Pundette looks at the wreck of reconciliation.
Reading Potluck is like a day at the beach.
Beard or no beard, that is DaTech Guy's question.
Dustbury won an Okie Blogger award for Best Veteran.
Don Surber is looking forward to fantasy baseball season.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Know your blog facts, and remember the winter snows or high school days.

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