Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Samson option, with a twist

Rich Lowry looks at President Obama's latest health care reform plan.
Democrats are now in pursuit of a “catastrophic success” — to borrow George W. Bush’s phrase for the Iraq War — on health care. They figure that both House and Senate Democrats have already taken defining votes for unpopular health-care bills, that November is inevitably going to be ugly, so they might as well reach again for the goal that has eluded them since Truman.
It’s the Samson Option, with a twist. In his last extremity, Samson pulled down the pillars of the temple of Dagon to destroy himself and his Philistine enemies. Democrats will rain destruction on their own hapless, vulnerable members, a category that grows by the day. These swing-district Democrats, once hailed as the “majority makers” by Nancy Pelosi, have a new role as the suicidal front ranks of Pelosi’s Last Charge.

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