Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fishersville Mike's Jury-Rigged Activities

For some people, this day is important as Valentine's Day.
For others, it's important as race day in Daytona.
For bloggers, it's been a year since we received wisdom from on high - how to get a million hits on your blog.
What's up with the Other McCain? Smitty looks like he's trying for a million-word roundup.
Ruby Slippers goes for the gold with her roundup.
Carol has somethin' for Mutton.
Pat has a Mardi Gras parade of links.
Wyblog got energized by his local government cleanup crew - really!
Little Miss Attila has the rules and the views.
Naked Villiany dealt with the D.C. area snows.
DaTech Guy is headed to CPAC next weekend.
Grandpa John's knows the Vikings always go the wrong way.
Jules Crittenden watches the dominos.
Legal Insurrection looks fondly at some old pictures.
Dustbury lets you know what players have "lacktion."
Troglopundit had one eye on Daytona, and the other on bloggers trying to steal his page views.
American Power talks about a poll on the right side.
Another Black Conservative breaks out the popcorn.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Catch a video, keep on trucking, enjoy the scenery and celebrate a milestone.