Sunday, February 28, 2010

Faceoff, fight for a Baltimore score

Gearing up for the U.S. playing in the gold medal game, I remember my first days going to ice hockey games. Baltimore got a minor league team in 1979, and we went to a few games and got hooked.
I did an college internship with the team in the winter of 1983, and one day I went into a closet full of stuff from prior Baltimore ice hockey teams. And I found a 45 rpm record of the Baltimore Clippers fight song.
Someone put their copy on the internet.

After a score, they would play the first 45 seconds. That's when the fans would yell along "Fight, fight, fight" and the announcer would say who scored and assisted on the goal. Then play would resume.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Fisherman Mike. I am a 57 year old Black guy who loved my Clippers and loved my Clipper fight song. I attended many games at the Baltimore Civic Center. And hearing this song literally brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing and sending me back to my youth.

Mike said...

It was great to sit in Section 12 with the wildest fans in the early 80s.

Jack from Philly said...

Been a Flyers fan since 67-68, their 1st season. However, I got my introduction to this great sport by watching the Clippers the year previous. We just got UHF and one of our stations used to run your broadcasts maybe 3 times a month. Plager, Schenkell & Marshall were my favorites. Would watch the Clippers over the 76ers and they were champs that year. Never forgot that awesome song either. Great memories.