Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fantastic Man Jets 'Round America

Happy CPAC weekend. The annual gathering brought together bloggers from across the country. Thanks for those who hit the tip jar.
The Other McCain features CPAC and Smitty's Cthulhu mini-series.
Wyblog posts a "somewhat respectable" roundup.
No Sheeples Here has a roundup that's going downhill.
American Power has a sweet roundup.
Pat is ready for spring. I'd be ready for spring also, if it weren't for all the snow in my backyard.
Camp of the Saints cleared out the cache, and there's always plenty of good stuff there.
Grandpa John's shares some Wisconsin pride.
Troglopundit celebrated one year and 330,000 visits to his site.
Pundette shares a happy ending.
Naked Villiany would like to see more Olympic sports and less Olympic sportscasters.
Carol finds a disturbing picture in her closet.
DaTech Guy posted a special video from CPAC. And met that Cuba guy.
Dustbury describes a major feet.
Daley Gator supports the local gunfighter.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Remember to use caution, watch out for turkeys and look out below.