Monday, January 17, 2011

They are asking help from them?

Peter King opens his Monday Morning Quarterback with a dose of gloom - 46 days until the NFL owners can lock out the players.
King reports on what some of the players side will be doing this week.
About 35 new player representatives and alternate player reps (Patrick Willis, Aaron Kampman, among others] will meet for orientation in Washington at NFL Players Association headquarters, then move on to meet and lobby key politicians on Capitol Hill, in case they need friends in high places when the two sides are at impasse and Congress debates getting involved.

The questions -
  • Are there key politicians on Capitol Hill?
  • If we need their help to have NFL football in 2011, we're sunk.
Enjoy your playoffs while you can. It might be a long spring and summer of labor news instead of player news.
P.S. Players, avoid Nancy Pelosi. She'll say you should approve the new deal to find out what's in it.

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