Thursday, January 20, 2011

The taste of death

Why do some hate Sarah Palin so?
Why is the sky blue?
Why do McDonald's french fries taste so good?
Some questions can be answered. Some never.
James Taranto and Ace have taken their turns at the Sarah Palin question. Ace links the first appearance of Palin with the thoughts liberals might have had.
My other guess is that this is rooted in an emotional response they felt when they first saw her -- panic. Remember, up until Palin's nomination, Barack Obama was cruising easily towards victory. No poll ever showed McCain ahead, and few polls showed him even within 6 points.

But Palin changed that -- suddenly Obama wasn't a sure thing, but was behind, at least for two wonderful weeks.
I am thinking that the panic and fear they felt over that stayed with them, the same way that if you're eating a peppermint Jolly Roger when your doctor tells you you might have a deadly illness, you will probably never again wish to taste a peppermint Jolly Roger. That stimulus becomes locked by association with the fear of death. It becomes the taste of death.
So that's Sarah Palin -- the taste of death for unhinged liberals who thought Barack Obama was an unstoppable god.

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