Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Bowl temperature outlook

Peter King looks ahead at the weather while the Packers and Steelers practice for Super Bowl XLV.
When the Packers and Steelers practice Wednesday through Friday -- Green Bay at the Cowboys' complex in Irving, Pittsburgh at the Texas Christian University facility in Fort Worth, 38 miles west of here -- the daily high temps will be 27, 36 and 38, respectively. Oh, and with snow showers and wintry mix off and on.
For most fans, the Super Bowl weather will be temperate - whatever they set the thermostat at. Sure, it's the same couch and TV you've used the whole season, but who really wants to blow all that money to go to the Super Bowl.
There's not much sympathy for the reporters covering the game.
You're at the Super Bowl, why should the weather matter?

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