Thursday, January 13, 2011

And for an encore...

I do my best to avoid presidential speeches - they pay other people to do that. The best clips are boiled down for your viewing pleasure, and the best commentators go through the text for you.
The right side seems pleased with President Obama's speech in Arizona Wednesday. The president looked presidential - a good thing.
You can't stop the media sniping at Sarah Palin, but that's to be expected as well.
As a country in 2011, we need a grown-up in the White House. Hopefully, President Obama has used his time since the election - especially since the Saturday shooting - to be a more mature leader. Not just the golfing and defer to Democrats in Congress guy, but one who sets the tone in Washington.
He's got a few months - probably until summer - to become the mature leader before the 2012 presidential race heats up.
Let's see what good encore he has.

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