Saturday, January 8, 2011

The chasm

Instapundit highlights two ways 2011 will be a year of chasms - between ordinary people and the public sector that has used tax funds to insulate itself from reality over the years.
The chasm in the global warming debate - the snow crisis demonstrated, in high definition, the gap between the fear-fuelled thinking of the elite and the struggles of everyday people. It illuminated the million metaphorical miles that now separate the fantasy politics of our so-called betters from the concerns of the rest of us.
And the pension tsunami - Spooked by the University of California's pension revolt - in which its highest paid executives are threatening to sue unless UC fattens their retirement benefits - a Democratic state lawmaker introduced a bill Thursday to prevent all public employees from gaining dramatically increased pension benefits.
The elites can't expect to keep living as they have, and asking the common man to pay for their continued lifestyle. It's a lesson the unions in New York are going to learn really soon.

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