Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving faster than you think

Looking at the "Sputnik moment" talk, can government keep pace with where technology is going?
It snowed in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, and there were terrible traffic jams as people tried to get home. Why are so many people working in a central location? How many of them could work from home much of the time, saving energy, time and money?
In 2000, the University of Virginia opened a new football press box. I remember taking the tour, and the pride of the network connections built in for the media members to use.
Ten years later, who needs network jacks? It's a wireless world.
What's out there, ready to be unleashed? More than a central government can imagine.
Instead of government suggesting the way to go, just let people dream. Don't put the legal roadblocks in their way.
How did we get to the moon? We used Nazi technology and found inspiration in Communists' work. We turned things as they were and put them to good use.

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