Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lots on tots

President Obama may have gone too far Thursday - taking on tater tots.
Iowahawk fights back.
There's a Facebook group.
With a tater tot recipe for your enjoyment.
Why battle the poor tater tot? Listening to Obama speak, seems like he thinks just educating people about good food with make the difference. Really?
Has he ever worked in a fast food restaurant? Or will a caterer? Or a school cafeteria, like my mother-in-law did?
You want to serve the best food, but you've got to deal with logistics. How do you produce a mass quantity of food in a short period of time, and the lowest possible cost? Fresh fruits and vegetables spoil faster, and thus don't work as well for quick in, quick out eating.
Your kids have 30 minutes for lunch, and you're feeding hundreds in usually an hour and a half at most schools. Certain foods work better for that task. McDonald's doesn't make money selling food that people don't want.
I know which school kids probably have the best school lunches - home-school kids. Learn with your folks, and eat together at lunch. Probably more fresh fruits and fewer tater tots on the home school menu.
Think the president has thought of that?

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