Friday, February 12, 2016

Who's afraid of the big bad Trump

Scott Adams continues pondering Donald Trump's candidacy - asking why people are afraid he might become president.
Trump, on the other hand, actually scares people. I have seen people’s bodies twist up and go into full panic at the thought of him being president. I’m talking about actual, literal, bodily fear, as if a monster is already in house and you don’t know where it is hiding. Even professional members of the media feel this fear.
And yet I feel none of that fear – not even a trace amount. To me, Trump looks like the safest candidate in the history of presidential elections, and I don’t even share his politics on a number of topics. So I have to ask myself why I have zero fear of Trump while so many others are in full panic mode. Should I be more afraid?
The question - can those with fear watch Trump and overcome that?

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