Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Free college - after you graduate

Current college students are excited about Bernie Sanders talking about free college.
They need a lesson in political math.
Even if Sanders gets the nomination, gets elected and gets his plan passed by this time next year, there's no free college for what you're doing right now.
If you are a junior or senior, you will have to pay what you borrow now.
If you're a freshman or sophomore, then political reality means any plan would be phased in.
After you graduate.
And pay more of the taxes from your first job to cover Sanders' promises.
Do you think you should get your college debts forgiven?
Those of us who went to college in the 1980s didn't expect college to be free.
We counted the costs and made our college decisions based on the money we had.
Not our wishes.
So college students, work hard for Bernie.
Your younger siblings will take the free stuff.
And make you work harder.

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