Sunday, February 7, 2016

Jeb's final countdown

The L.A. Times follows Jeb Bush around New Hampshire.
One line he doesn't use - "Are you still alive? I can hear you breathing."
Perhaps Bush's greatest political misfortune, though, is seeming like a voice of substance and seriousness at a time many in the GOP prefer more animal instincts.
Nothing seems to energize Bush more than a rigorous discussion of education policy, or his plan to revamp Social Security. But as Bush went on at length in Laconia, at a resort on Lake Winnipesaukee, the crowd of 125 or so sat mute, and the only sound was the whoosh of the ventilation system in a hotel function room.
The next day in Pittsfield, at a plant that makes clothing for firefighters, Bush's accompaniment was the hum of refrigerator cases in an employee break room. When he finished outlining a plan to reform the welfare system, he asked his questioner, a troubled single mother, what she thought of his response.

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