Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pay your bills, people

A high school in southwest Virginia, near where I used to work, got into the news when students with unpaid school lunch fees were denied lunch.
Only a few were supposed to be denied, but a miscommunication had more students going without lunch Thursday.
The story notes $4,555 is owed for past lunches.
That's a lot of money for a small school.
I doubt this was suddenly dropped on the students with the highest bills.
They probably had months of letters and notes reminding them to catch up.
And each year when school starts, they get applications for free and reduced lunch program.
How do you get non-payers to pay?
The principal probably should have been in the cafeteria at lunchtime to make sure things were done correctly.
You can get mad at the principal and her bosses, but they were trying to solve a tough problem.
Do you have any better ideas?

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