Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why you dislike Trump

Lots of anti-Trump online this weekend.
Boil them down to three categories.
  • You don't like the way he acts toward the Republican party.
  • You don't like his style - too vulgar.
  • You don't know what he'll do as president.
All good questions.
The trouble is, others don't share those concerns.
And there's more of them then there are of you.
Trump supporters look at Trump - then look at our current situation.
And they like his chances.
Many have been invested in him for months, so no amount of last minute attacks will sway them.
You've got to give Trump credit.
Sure, he started with a big headstart due to his dad's money. But he didn't waste that.
He built upon it in his business empire, enough to be ready for this election season.
And he found a way for his style to fit the current unhappiness of the electorate.
How will the next eight months go?
Likely a wild ride.

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