Saturday, February 13, 2016

Time for Ginsburg to retire

The sudden passing of Antonin Scalia thrust the Supreme Court back into the political foreground.
But it's always there.
The oldest member of the court is Ruth Bader Ginsburg at age 83.
The past few summers, there was pondering that she should give President Obama the chance to appoint her replacement.
Especially in 2014, when Democrats still controlled the Senate.
Scalia represented the conservative side of the Court, and replacing him with an Obama liberal tilts the Court.
But if Republicans stop Obama from replacing Scalia now, a new Republican president could put a conservative in his place next year.
Then replace liberal Ginsburg with a conservative as well.
Imagine the fight over both of those choices.
People say they hate the Court being such a partisan group, but each side wants jurists who mostly vote their way.
Instead, Ginsburg could step up and take the opportunity to keep the court from drastically flipping.
Obama could replace her with a young liberal, and put a place-holder moderate in Scalia's place.
Maybe even an older Republican from the Senate.
We could work together.
There could be a compromise that both sides could feel good about.
I know.
It's unlikely to happen.
But we can hope that partisans will think about the good of the country for once.

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