Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Obama doomed Jeb's campaign

As Jeb Bush's campaign slowly rolls to an end, time to answer why.
Why did all the money and establishment support not produce votes?
Instead, they produced reminders of the problems left over from his brother's administration.
George W. Bush did his best to leave the country in good hands.
Iraq was moving toward security in 2009.
Now the Middle East is in more turmoil.
Most of the current problems can be traced to Obama administration policies, but they prefer to blame the Iraq invasion.
The economic troubles of the fall of 2008 linger.
Seven years after that, the economy should be doing much better.
But Obama's policies continue to slow the nation, and he continues to blame Bush era policies.
If Obama had been doing a better job with the economy and internationally, "blame Bush" would not hold sway.
And a Bush brother would have had a better chance.

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