Friday, January 15, 2016

You heard about 9/11. Trump smelled it.

Donald Trump's answer on New York values impressed Scott Adams.
A lot.
By now you know that Ted Cruz made the mistake of questioning the values of New Yorkers. And as you know by now, Donald Trump took the ultimate high ground – a move of sublime political deftness – and got the best of the exchange. If you didn’t see it, read it here. It is one for the ages. 
But Trump did not shed a tear. His lip was not quivering. And he did not show his heart in the way we would want to see it. But in two words, found within his defense of New York, he solved the unsolvable. You just don’t know it yet.
Let me summarize it for you. The realization will start small, and build in the coming days.
If you are wondering why Donald Trump is more of a bad-ass on immigration than you feel is either right or necessary, here’s the difference:
You heard about 9/11. Trump smelled it.

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