Sunday, January 17, 2016

How will the gun law work?

I survived a few minutes of the Democratic president debate.
Let's talk gun control.
The newest idea for Democrats is making gun manufacturers liable for deaths caused by their products?
How will that work?
Governor O'Malley talked about a 3-year-old shot during a gang shooting at a barber shop.
Democrats would have the boy's family sue gun manufacturers for his injuries.
The gang members did the shooting, but someone else has to pay.
If the liability law were passed, all guns manufactured in the past would be under that.
It wouldn't take too long for those companies to go out of business.
Then we'd still have older guns out there, no new guns to be bought, and no money left to assist new victims.
You pass a law, and yet the problem remains.
Now if you go after the gang members, you might lessen injuries more.
But that's harder than enriching lawyers and breaking up manufacturers.

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