Sunday, January 3, 2016

A real brewhaha

SI remembers the runup to the first Bud Bowl.
While Broadcast Arts began toiling away in monastic seclusion, DMB&B’s Pace (the copy writer) and Buchanan (the art director) were tasked with conceiving the look and feel of the ads. Pace was put in charge of brainstorming as many hokey football and beer puns as he could extract from his exhausted brain. What if there was a longneck-bottle coach, with a houndstooth hat, named Beer Bryant? What if Team Bud’s quarterback was nicknamed Budway Joe? What if, during a pivotal point in the game, there was a running back—a giant 40-ounce bottle—named the Freezer, in homage to William (Refrigerator) Perry? What if there was a beer with a rainbow wig in the stands holding a “Bud 3:16” sign? And what if the climactic game-winning field goal was kicked by a tiny, Garo Yepremian-sized seven-ounce beer named Budski?

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