Saturday, January 2, 2016

Trump as the alarm clock

Roger L. Simon sees dangerous times ahead.
What can slow the trouble?
A wake up call.
The rise of Donald Trump is a good thing, not because any one man can easily change the course of history, not because he's necessarily the best candidate (although he could be), but because his rise indicates that a lot of people who often ignore things are waking up to this extreme situation.
And extreme situations almost always call for extreme responses, like it or not. Folks like Charles Krauthammer and George Will should try to remember that.  They should also remember that if it is to be Trump, they may not like him, but one of his most important (and difficult) jobs will be to unite the country.  He will need the help of the Krauthammers and Wills to do that.  He will need all of us, actually.

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