Monday, January 11, 2016

Too many combinations

Are you going to take a chance at Powerball again before Wednesday?
I bought two tickets last week.
A $4 investment.
I got the powerball on one, so I won $4
I finished even.
But Powerball added 10 ping pong balls in the fall, increasing the main group from 59 to 69.
With some many more combinations, even people buying 440 million tickets didn't guarantee a winner.
With 440 million tickets sold, there was a little more than a 77% chance that at least one person would have won the Powerball last week, Matheson said.
The next jackpot will be over $1.5 billion.
If no one wins, then it's over $2 billion on Saturday.
Odds are, someone will win by Saturday.
It might not be you.

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