Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Four years of Celebrity Apprentice

I never watched Celebrity Apprentice.
I just saw a few commercials over the years.
If Donald Trump is president, I'd bet government will look like the series.
Trump will be the leader and acknowledge others have expertise in their areas. Let's work together.
Scott Adams thinks Trump can lead televised discussions on the issues of the day.
The ideal arrangement for a new government – and one that requires no change to the Constitution – would feature a President Trump running weekly televised meetings (yes, like The Apprentice) to decide the big issues. And sitting in every meeting should be Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg, supported by their experts, arguing their cases.
If you imagine healthcare as a topic, Sanders has a vision of universal coverage. But how? The how would be the topic of the meetings. I want Sanders to show his work, backed by independent experts, and I want to watch Trump challenge the assumptions in real-time. I want Bloomberg in the room as the voice of reason and the promoter of other options. I can think of no better way to educate the public. Ratings would be huge, no matter how you spell that word.
Are you worried that Bernie Sanders’ plans don’t pencil out? Let’s see him show his work. Let’s see some options.

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